Friday, September 28, 2012

One day tour in Kampala-Uganda on my way back to Dar es Salaam.

                                          The beautiful yard of Uganda parliament in Kampala.

 This monument was installed in 2007  to mark the Common Wealth Heads of Government Meeting 'CHOGM' held in Kampala and chaired  by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

 This is Mabira forest, the famous forest in Uganda which rose a lot of confusion in last year where the rumor spread that the forest has been sold to one of the giant sugar industry in Mukono-Uganda.

 Vendors display their goods to travelers at Mabira forest. There is delicious chicken here big and cheap...

                         People removing unwanted materials from River Nile at Owen's falls Jinja.

Owen Falls Jinja Town where River Nile crossed to Egypt. This bridge connect Kampala and Other parts of Uganda and Kenya. During Kagera war between Tanzania and Uganda TPDF (Tanzania People Deffence Force) aimed to blow this bridge but Mwalimu Nyerere refused the idea because he professed that one day we will be good friends with Uganda and in-need to one another, by the way this bridge connect even Tanzania if we use Arusha route and it is very expensive to construct.

                             The above statement elaborate more about the monument above my head...

                                            Don't play with Kampala they even have sub way.

           Bayimba festival, i always like this festival conducted every year at National Theater in Kampala.

                                                           Kampala is a nice place to be.

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