Tuesday, March 5, 2013


My name is Kenya. A nation from the
far East of Africa. The home of great
athletes who've blazed the world stage,
the home of Nobel laurete Wangari
Maathai, the ancenstral home of Barack
I'm the home of heroes.
I'm the hope of Africa.
I'm the beauty of the Universe. I've got
green Savannahs, a cool climate, a
welcoming 'Karibu' people, a beautiful
heritage & a hub of brains.
I came across your reports. I came
across your news. How my people are
on the brink of war. How my people
are on the verge of bloodshed.
I want to make this clear.
Get your facts right, my people are
peaceful. My people are patient, and
whatever the outcome today maybe,
whoever who loses, whoever who
wins, there will be no war, there will be
no violence. If that's the news you've
come to pick, I'm sorry, there is none.
You may as well have come as tourists,
not journalists.
You want to see Africa burn, you want
to see Africa suffer, you want to see
our children sick, you want to see our
lands dry, you want to see our people
starve, kill and maim each other. And
go making headlines of horrors,
murders, disease and collapse of Africa.
We are telling the world, we are telling
the West, Africa has a new story, Kenya
has a new chapter, of hope, of liberty,
of freedom & of democracy.
Yours sincerely,

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